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recent picof the rb 182.

  clio 182 cup
will upload some more by the weekend :)
  white leon cupra R
can i have a close up pic of the wheels with the colouring and what is the sticker on the side
  clio 182 cup
its exactly the same as chris's with the silencer removed aswell :p got it removed the on saturday and stainless put in. the exhasut is a full miltek decat, which now 1 of the baffles has gone :mad: going to phone miltek in the morning. thanks for all the coments :)
  clio 182 cup
i know sorry mate i was quiet abit behind my mate in the 197 ly was checkin his tyres n stuff so delayed us a bit. was urs the 182 with the top dash removed?
  2015 ST2(MO)/CorsaLE
good pics look forward to seeing your color coded bits! :eek: ooh err ;)

some nicer seats would finish it off! perfect!