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Recently Purchased a FF 182 :)

  Clio 182
Hi Guys,

i am new so please be gentle haha

i recently purchased a lovely 05 Full Fat 182 and i just need some help in regards to it,

Number Plate L9 SPW in case the previous owner is on here,

the car is on 74,000 miles and has no guarantee the cam belt has been done,

i am going to book it in as soon as to get cam belt done and have been quoted at about £450.00 does this seem reasonable?

also whilst having cam belt done is there anything else i should definitely be doing at same time?

i have seen on this forum people get Cam belt Aux Belt Dephasor Pulley and Water Pump done but i didn't know if it needed all doing at same time?

the mechanic i use has recommended getting the cam belt done and whilst in there seeing if anything else needs doing, although he said the water pump is external?

i am very confused and was just hoping someone would be helpful and clear things up

Thanks in advance guys

  PH2 RS172
hi joe wheres the pics? lol. mine was done for about 550 i think with dephaser and both belts. its worth mentioning that this job is not doable without the renault locking tools, which given the extra cost might be worth you going to a ren specialist like diamond and paying up to get the job done properly. not that your mechanic doesnt know his stuff but we have a mechanic at my work and its pointless getting him to do it as we dont have the lock tools and for the costs..... personally i would get the dephaser done as if it does go (which mine was on its way out at 80k) then its the whole job done again and another expense. its really not worth trying to shortcut it on 1*2 cambelts imo. hope this helps :)