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  Clio 172mk2
Right I plan on renewing all my cleaning kit. I dont have a machine polisher so all needs to be done by hand. I dont mind adding various layers and going through stages, So what steps should be done and which order, also can someone recommend me some products, the cars silver

As for pricing 125 -150 would be the ball park figure for all the products


ClioSport Admin
Do you have a pressure washer?

I'll recommend mainly auto finesse stuff in this guide but other products are available


Snow foam or citrus pre wash (auto finesse Avalanche or af citrus power)

Do the nooks and crannies with a soft detailing brush and citrus power while the above is dwelling.

Cover the wheels in a wheel cleaner (af imperial) and agitate with a wheel brush.


Wash (af lather)


Let the car air dry slightly and Spray autosmart tardis or carpro tar x onto the car while it's still damp.

After you've liberally covered it, go round with a microfibre and the tar remover to remove the stubborn bits.


Let it air dry slightly and liberally spray carpro iron x (get the lemon smelling one. It's by far the most bearable on the nose)

Leave it to dwell and bleed.




While the car is still wet, go round with a bar of clay (af clay and glide lube) and gently rub it over the paint. Using lube as you go when you feel it needs it.

Rinse and Pat dry with some drying towels. (Af duo edgeless iirc)

Now, as you're doing this by hand, I'd recommend and all in one polish like auto finesse tripple which fills swirls, cuts ever so mildly and lays down a good base for a wax.

Wax- any which tickles your fancy really.

Wipe the trim, tyres and glass with Isopropyl alcohol And dry.

Do the trim with af revive, the glass with vision and the alloys with tough coat.

I think that's covered most things.

Hope that helps
  Clio 172mk2
cheers knuckles, will see what it all costs, all my old kit was meguirs, but was for a black car.

What wax would you recommend and should i be using a sealant after?

i do have a power washer but tbh i think its knackard (karcher) :(
  Clio 172mk2
Cheers Knuckles got round to doing it all, heres the end result