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Recommend a TV...

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My Panasonic TH42-PX60 has given up the ghost. Just decided to throw it's toys out of the pram, switching itself off and refusing to come back on. I've since got the usual Panasonic flashing red light fault code on startup, which blinks 10 times with a 3 second interval. Apparently it's something to do with one if the boards.

So, I'm not looking for anything that different: minimum 42" Plasma or LCD (preferably Plasma), HD ready, decent connections and resolution outputs etc. TBH, something that's pretty cheap (as we weren't expecting to have to buy another anyway), but with a decent spec. I really don't want a cheapo make, either. Sorry, I'm a bit of a badge wh0re. Panasonic, Sony, Samsung etc. are fine. Matsui and Goodmans not so. Each to their own, my mates have those and they're fine, but not for me.

Ideas, specs and prices would be great :cool:

Cheers guys. I'm presuming 42" TV's will be pretty cheap compared to 2-3 years ago when we bought this one.
The current 1080p panasonic plasma 42inches can be picked up in tescos for £750. £700 if you shop about online.
  UR R26R.5, VW Golf R
Yeah. So many great reviews, and NeoPDP technology, too.

Looking forward to it now, but I think I'm gonna need a stand/cabinet, too :(


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Looks good for the price.....LG do some very well spec'd and priced TV's

Check our Richer Sounds as they do some good deals.


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Its all pretty much sales gimmic at the minute....Still an LCD Screen just illuminted by LED from what I can make out....... Wait for OLED .... Oh and bring your credit card.
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How does the freesat work on these? I have sky+, so say I'm recording 2 programs on sky+ and then want to watch a 3rd channel. Do the freesat connections have to link to your dish ?

.. assumming you dont have to run seperate cables on a seperate lnb ?
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I was going to say the G10 Scutch. Good choice.

I loved my old viera with the matching stand. Pity they don't do that anymore.
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would a 1080p 50hz tv be any good for ps3 and so on, or is it paying the extra and get a 100hz one?
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Got my G10 up and running at weekend. Have to say I was a bit wary with reports of SD not being that great etc especially coming from one of the best and last CRTs that was made (Tosh 36ZP48P) . However, I'm actually suprised its not that far off really.

Xbox (Fifa 10, FN4, TW10) all look absolutely stunning over HDMI! Also, watched 'Life' last night on BBC HD (Freesat) and that too was bright and detailed, the slow mo clips particularly awesome!

All in all, apart for the downside of power usage over a CRT and LCD, def would recommend buying.
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I'm going to order the 32" G10 for my bedroom... Seen it in full flow HD/PS3 at a mates and it is fantastic!!
  1 Series Coupe
I'm going to order the 32" G10 for my bedroom... Seen it in full flow HD/PS3 at a mates and it is fantastic!!

Anyone know how much this is in Costco? Am popping in there tomorrow..
I won't order until i've visited!
You cant go far wrong with a Panasonic plasma. They deliver superb motion that's almost lifelike, without being bogged down by silly '1,000,000hz and 10,000,000,000:1 contrast ratio' marketing bulls**t.

The only downside is image retention and phosphor trails. The latter, I don't notice anymore.

EDIT: Oh, I see that one does have silly contrast claims. Oh well. No doubt it's awesome anyway.
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