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Red Motion!

  Marksport Clio
Only just joined Clio sport after having a clio for 5 months, my original plan was to keep it standard but we all knew that wasnt going to happen!
Basically i started out with your standard 1.2 !^v Dynamique

and got abit bored with it, so this ended up happening



Bought the High sports off jesus on here, so thanks to him even though the trip up to him was a little more then eventful :quiet:

then one day decided to see what the clio will look like wound all the way down, these were the end results





Basically after everyone opinions on it, and yes it needs colour coding, currently waiting on some photos from a photo shoot last night will upload when i get them.

Hope it works.
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All the way down ftw! Glad they are in good hands now, are they alright? Definitely look the part!
  Marksport Clio
Yeah it's a firmer ride but you get used to that, and it's amazing to throw round corners and get no roll or slippage whatsoever :D

Nice! I was on my way to get mine set up at Tweeks when the engine died :(

ahhh guttedddd, yeahh middo and Mr White on here set them up for me took them an hour and a half to fit the whole suspension!