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remember your ABS!!



it wont work properly in snow or ice so be careful

saw a few bmws in armco today so i thought id remind you all
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

I saw a MR2 facing the wrong way this morning on a roundabout. Smashed up front end too!
  H22A7 Accord Type R

Im using my works Astra van at moment, Clio hasnt muved since i washed it on Saturday! The joy of the van is u can have a laugh wi it in the snow instead of worrying aout hitting a kerb in ur good car! Only one question...........the ABS? I was in the snow friday night in the clio, it stopps well, but sometimes one wheel locks up for a while until it stops??? Anyone else experienced this?? Whats the reason? I was going in a straight line. The pedal had kicked back etc, and for the final few meters, one wheel was
  H22A7 Accord Type R idea if u can isnt it! Mine is tucked up in the drive too! Still shiny with its Tyre gel and all lol

lol.... i think ABS is funny in the snow... I do also think you can stop quicker without abs... It seems to just keep locking and releasing but you get no slower.... i did have fun though!


The Cup is fine in the snow. As I live in the sticks on B-roads, they are completely covered with snow and ice.

Try left foot braking, helps with car balance and no sudden throttle jerkiness, a must on snow. Works with me.


i dont think most abs systems are designed to cope with proper snow, theres only a certain amount of grip there, its not gonna work miricles.

i remember old audis used to have a switch for the abs for loose surfaces, the locked wheel builds up a bit of a wedge of material under the front, which slows the car better than a moving wheel. just a point, im not sure if it has any relevance.

Yeah thats it!! You then get to dig down to the road under the stuff but with abs its just slipping across the top not stopping long enough to build a wedge...

The more important thing is traction control.

Thing is lads its not too hard to just slow down while all this weather carrys on, then no one will have to worry in the first place!

You dont need traction control you just wheel spin the f**ker till ya get up to speed hahahahaha.... or just use second... Thing is I like to master all weathers and drive to the best of my abilities... HOW CAN YOU TURN ABS OFF??? I really wanted to do a reverse 180 turn but ya cant even do that
  H22A7 Accord Type R

It was a K reg, 1992 i think, V6 2.8E............ lovely car till the Cam Belt went...........ouch! My dad then sold it and got the Octavia RS. The Audi is now fixed and back on the road, new owner lives just up the hill from us. I never see it out tho, so dont know if its still got the V6 in it! I would know that noise anyday - one of the CATs was nackered so it sounded wicked!
  H22A7 Accord Type R

unless it runs off a fuse............but if u wanna risk that, thats up to u lol

Tom has it spot on, and as for the cup.... it will be better at stopping than the 172 on snow so there!

So as we have all been here before, lets talk about grip, and lack of it in snow and ice. You are not indestructable with ABS so dont think you are, you will actually be hindered with it in these conditions (especially snow as ice will put any car in a barrier) so as it has already been stated, slow down for the conditions of the road, if its below 3 degrees then there is a very very good chance of black ice and a very good chance of you going off the road if you underestimate it.


A Fuse.... you think there is a fuse then??? Does anyone know or have done it? Its not a risk, I will only turn it off so i can go into the ring and do a show!
  H22A7 Accord Type R

i dont kno, i just heard that in a film lol...........if i wanna go playing i leave the clio in the drive and take the astra van out.........much more fun

Exactly - no ABS in snow = better than ABS!! But lack of driving ability in any condition = shouldnt be driving at all! Ive no probs taking the cup out in any weather Or did I miss some smallprint when I purchased it stating "does not work well in rain or snow........." Can we have some intelligent threads here maybe?

Hands up who needs ABS, Traction control and ESB to drive well...........?
  H22A7 Accord Type R

............Cupsize............... i know what u mean, it seems that lots of posts indicate that the cup is only supposed to be taken out in the summer! lol! I will say this tho, i have had one little incident when i locked up in my van and bounced up a kerb last winter, simply because i wouldnt / couldnt take my foot off the brake! I know my limitations, and i like having ABS and EBD to help me out should i get it wrong.............but its not a MUST like you say, just a nice safety feature for an average driver like myself.........and say what we like, we may be able to play, balance, drift, lift off etc, but none of us are Michael Schumacher are we! lol ............ I know from experience that ABS benefits me, i kno my limitations and im happy to admit it! :D (hope thats a sensible enough view from a young driver)

LOL yeah what film was that now... mmmmmm

I dont want to do it in a astra van... bloody hell there was a ferrari in b&q doing donuts last saturday!
  H22A7 Accord Type R

............Die Hard with a Vengance............Good man in the Ferrari...........or was it an MR2 lol. Astra van is miles better than the clio, it has much more weight behind the back wheels, i can slide it sideways up the full length of a big car park in the snow! and best thing is, if i clip i kerb, i get out, make sure the tyre is ok, and start all over again!!!!!!!! :D if i done that in the clio i would drive home crying lol

Driving in accordance to conditions is the main thing. Traction control and ESP are worthwile. Seatbelts were made a compulsary addition, people didnt think they needed them at first but it saves lives so he cares about how good a driver somebody is. ABS, traction control and the like should follow suite, even if it is switchable. Its not about driving well, its about driving safely. Everybody makes mistakes remember.

I dont really mind that the cup hasnt got ABS as its a niche model, though i think its disgraceful that ford focuses dont have it.
  clio 20v

if its snowin and im in a car/van with ABS the fuse comes out, i really dont like it in some circamstances it puts no braking on at all and it would be better to lock the wheels, there will be a fuse for it, when u take it out the dash light will come on, u could even fit a switch to turn it on and off


Well tomorrow I will let you lot know if there is a fuse for the ABS and if the car still works without it... I just got to do my 180 reverse spins especialy in all this snow

Hmmmmm Rob, i like your picture of the clio cup on the other page but your car will be doing that with its ABS rather than a cup!

Alot of people are relying on tech here, ive driven off road vehicles in snow, through mud and water and there is one thing that gets you, simple things in absurd conditions work better!

Now, give me a choice of a big car with EBD, ABS, TC etc in the snow and ice or a subaru justy, ill have the justy ta (and these are a horrible car to drive but excellent in severe conditions).

Those who understand what im going on about will understand about driving in bad weather.


Its those tyres aint it TB1 skinny!!!

Anyway i tried removing the fuse and the abs still worked and i did not have any light on... EH??? can someone else try this too?