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Remote Plip.


Got problems with my remote control got me car (1997).. I had (have) a leaking sunroof and odd times, the remote locking hasnt worked (the receiver was all wet) but I could always dry it out and make it work again.

Well, now, this time, Ive dried it out and it works perfectly, but only inside the car - as soon as I try and open it from the outside, it wont work... seems like the glass is blocking it somehow. Its getting quite annoying having to open the door using the key then zapping it from inside.

I thought it might be the remote(plip) batteries but Ive just changed them and its still the same, so it cant be that. I dont see how it works perfect from inside the car but not outside.

Any ideas welcome...



See, got here eventually. Anyway get into your car, pop off that plastic thing that covers the sensor and check it out. It may have got covered in some crap the water brought it. Or has corroded something that its all over the lense. Or just shafted your senser. I reckon its pretty easy to replace, all you have to do is go to a scrapper and butcher some ended clio.

Whats the range on them anyway? Mine will only work a few feet away from the car (batteries fine) but I see cars that do it from about 5 miles away...ok I over exagirate, but they do it from a far range. My mates works from 1km away, but his is radio waves and not IR.


IR isnt the best option for range. I have had the lense off loads of times, and yes its corroded slightly, but its clean and it works perfect from inside the car - its from outside which is playing up.

Ill go and clean it up AGAIN... IT WILL NOT BEAT ME! :)


YAY! Got it working - Got ye olde pastry brush, gave it some more stick (thought i was gunna knock sensors off) and it works again... just tried it from outside the car and it unlocks and locks. Wooop! :)

Gunna get some food bags and wrap it up this time.. Take no more chances... Wooo! Thanks Paul for suggesting to clean it again - I cleaned it loads of times, but that final time is what got it working.. Must of been one little bit of corrosion which was sticking a spanner in the works.

  Clio II 1.4 Priveleg

The IR sensor becomes water logged due to water ingress from the roof aerial. Remove the aerial base via the interior light, 8mm nut (Socket size) and seal with silicon or other based sealer. Remove the pcb (PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD) from the receiver by carefully pressing from the front (dark red cover removed) and lifting the two tiny lugs at the back of the pcb. Once you have removed the card, you may notice some green deposits around the IR pods (3) of them. Use a good electrical cleaner and a tooth brush to remove all deposits. Reassemble all components and test the operation. Everything should now function correctly.

NOTE. IR (infrared) are sensitive to sunlight. If your car car is parked in direct sunlight the PLIP may not work correctly.

Hope that helps.

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I went down to my trusty of renault dealers and asked how much it would cost for a second remote key. Cos I keep losingmy car keys but luckily keep finding them so I thought a spare would be handy!!

Was I wrong..... I asked for a price expecting about 50 quid. The parts man came back and said you dont wanna know how much!!

250 quid!! So dont every lose youre keys guys!
  Clio II 1.4 Priveleg

Replacement PLIPs are nowhere near as expensive as that. I think they are about £78 + VAT + a small labour charge to synchronise the new PLIP to the immobiliser. The resync has to be done by a dealer as there are special tools required. I will find out the exact price and post it tomorrow evening!



Someone stole they keys/fobs to my car a while ago - and the spares! I wne to Renault and they wanted £100 for the original fob. As I had an aftermarket Cat 1 system as well, I just got a key blade for £9 from Renault and use my Cat 1 only now. The Cat 1 remote fob only cost £25.

Thanks BobRTE. I might try and fix it again - it seems to have broke (again). I wrapped a food bag around it last time and it worked pretty well - I couldnt have cleaned it properly last time. (sigh).

Its not the aerial which is leaking - its the sunroof surround coming away from the roof and water is getting under... siliconed it now, and it seems to have stopped a lot, but not all - might have to do it again.


  Clio II 1.4 Priveleg

Asked the parts department today for the cost of a replacement PLIP key.

£78.00 + VAT + Labour (will depend on your local dealers labour rate, thats why I am not going to quote a price for labour!)