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Removing dash!!!

  Recaro Black Gold 182

Does anyone know how to remove the dash on a MK2 phase 1 clio? Also how easy is it to change the sticks that control the lights and indicators? Got a new one with a set of fogs and they dont seem to work with the old stick. I cant find any obvious places to start...

so any help is appreciated.
  E87 118i

taking the ash off is easy - changing stalks - have no idea.

to take the dash off you need to first take off the pillar covers - they clip off and remove the steering whell cover - then take out all the screws around the dash and take it off - takes 10mins or so.
  Clio Mk1 Hybrid

If its like the MK1, you need to take the steering column shrouds off, disconnect the wiring for the stalk, unbolt and remove.

Hope this helps.