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removing interior

  Clio 1.4, SV650S

bench folds forwards and is wiggled out.

taking stuf out of the boot is obvious.

the plastic trim over the bar that runs accross the back of the car, behind the seats comes off by pulling at it.

if you want to remove the solid bar, and the rear seats there are two big bolts sectured by nuts under the car... i stopped stripping when i foudn this because i couldnt be arsed
  A well built VW

Cheers its the solid bar and the upper rear part i wanna replace just thought someone might have an easy way geuss a big screw driver and wd40 is the order of the day
  A well built VW

What a nightmare job to get the rear seats out ended up havin to drill it out

New interior looks sooo much better and still got the fronts to go..
  A well built VW

Dynamique from weegad bargain buy fronts are now in and looking good - not as simple as i would have liked , had to swap seatbelt pretensioners over as airbag light and serv light wouldnt go off but sorted now just need front door cards to finish
  A well built VW

Quote: Originally posted by Martin_89 on 22 August 2005

got any pics mate? id be interested to see that.
Yeah will try and get them up this week for you - nothing exciting tho....Much better feeling seats that actually hug you