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removing rear badges

providing the badges are stuck on rather than held in by pins then gently heat them with a hairdryer and use something that wont mark the paint like an old aa card to ease under the badge and scrape it off then use adhesive remover to clean off any sticky residue left behind

err normally badges held in with pins will wobble a little if you try to move them, stuck on ones wont, alternatively speak to a local dealer they will normally know as they supply the badges when bodyshops repair cars, or if someone on here has the same year and model they may have already taken theirs off and know

not glue, its called badge tape, kinda like ultra strong double sided tape, im sure someone must have done this on here or one of the guys who work for renault and post on here will know if its pins of badge tape
  Abarth Grande Punto

what year is your clio?

most of them are help on with pins so they will come off but leave holes :(

you will have to fill in the holes
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Well, if its on the bodywork they may be pinned....however if they are just pinned in on top of the black trim, you can just get a replacement black strip.

If its through the bodywork like on my 97, it will be more difficult- I didnt bother.

yeah if they are actually on the metal then they are pins and have holes, but if they are on the plastic strip at the bottom of the boot then they are just stuck on. Easiest way is to flush your boot remove wiper lock badges and brake light if you have one there.

alrite mate, there held on by pins, all you have to do is take the badges off, place maskin tape over the holes, cut the maskin tape were the hole is with a sharp blade, so the holes are visable again. now with an old cash card or something on them lines just skim some filler in each and when dry using a touch up pencil of the colour of your car, touch it up, there only tiny spots. when this is dry remove the maskin tape, jobs a goodun.;)


i got a 93 RT, the badges are pinned it, just unscrew the boot strip and use a knife to leaver the badges off then fill in the holes and colour code it!

If its a Phase2 (with fat side bump strips), then the badges are definitely pinned in. Will leave big nasty holes!