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Removing some interior panels

Have no idea what these are called, but hopefully youll know what I mean. Inside the car next to the front window, theres a plastic cover on each side that goes from the dash to the roof. I need to take one of these off, but have no idea how you do it. Do you just pull it, or slide it?


  RS 182 - Black Gold

You mean the A pilliar at the front.

Goes from front dash to roof of car

If the car door. Pull the rubber seal goign up the door so it comes off in the section.

Then pull the Apillar cover a bit, mite have to use a small flat blade screwdriver as there are 2 or 3 chunky clips behind that need to be pressed up to be able to remove the cover.

Be carefull tho dotn pull too hard or they will snap.

Cheers. Can hide my wires properly now instead of having them glued between that and the windscreen. Gonna go try it out
  1995 Mondeo Speed Machine

Like the others have said they just pull off. Theyre a f**ker to get back on tho. Well it is on mine anyway! I cant get the bit at the bottom to slot back into the top of the dash properly.:cry:

Took it off and fitted it back on. Was a bast*rd getting the bottom bit out of the dash, but was easy to get it back in. Put it in the dash then gave it a hard pull down and went in, then just lined up the clips and gave the cover a whack and they all clicked into place