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Removing tints

  09 GIXXER 750!!!
How easy is it to remove window tints....Do they just peel off?? Or will they come off in loads of bits!!!!!
  1.2 Clio
Depends on quality of tints mate.
Some just peal off, others need a bit more time as they split.
Typically expensive ones peal off ok, and leave little sticky mess. Cheap ones will tend to leave a nasty sticky goo.
Can be removed with a decent cleaner... I've used Cif in the past, or is it Jif?
  09 GIXXER 750!!!
They were tinted at the factory...its on the original bill of sale. Hopefully they will come off ok.
u can pull them off...
dont wind your window down though (assuming its on the front) untill you have removed the sticky residue