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Renault back from the dead! (nearly)

A couple of weeks ago my 2005 1.6 Clio (72k) died with a big bang a couple of yards from my front door.

It had no drive, absolutely nothing at all, and just made a horrible crunching noise when I tried to drive it. So having only bought the car five weeks ago got onto the garage.

The car was towed to the nearest garage covered under my warranty, where they told me the clutch had worn, it wasn't a warranty claim, and they wanted £1,000 to fix the problem.

I told them the clutch wasn't worn, I've had clutches go before and they've never gone instantly with no previous symptoms, quoted the sale of good act etc etc.

They then towed it to the garage I bought it from who rang me up to say after taking it apart, they realised that it was actually a broken driveshaft which was covered under warranty, and that the clutch was slightly worn so they would replace that as well for free.

I suspect that once they'd taken the car apart and ordered in the clutch there was no point putting it back together without finishing the job, despite the fact the fault was down to a driveshaft.

Hoping to get it back today, but they're having a bit of bother with the driveshaft, as in they don't know which one it needs. Apparently it's the "main" driveshaft, not sure whether they mean left or right.
hope it comes back fine mate, lol main driveshaft!! i bet they never put a new clutch in either? don't believe them.