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Renault Manchester

  RB 182
Was at the MEN last night for James Blunt :nono: and noticed in the window of Renault Manchester theres a Liquid Yellow what looks like a Megane R26 Coupe Cabriolet? Its a defo a CC, its defo Liquid Yellow and it has the decals off a R26 and the wheels?

Anyone know if Renault even do a CC R26?!
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I think I know what you're on about. There is one in my local dealer. Did it have chrome/balck wheels, sort of Wolfrace looking?
the one in renault mcr has some wolfrace wheels, some wierd graphics just bunged on and is sunflower yellow.

unless they have changed it since i was last in, the saleman didnt know what the specific colour was and the rest looked at me like crap so i laughed n walked out

renault wont make a CC sport model in the current guise, thats 100% at the moment.

weight, other models, demand and handeling issues are all contributing factors :)
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Saw one of these at Renault Slough the other day...

Rank! Also a white Clio with dodgy bumper and black multispoke Wolfrace wheels, no thanks :(