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Renault MICRA !

Just wanted to say THANKS for a great day up High Beech today. Really enjoyed it & thought you are all a cracking bunch of people. Will see you all again at Southend & hopefully we can get the Xmas meal sorted out. Next time would love to see Wongy, Paranoia & Flowerpot Tony. xx

Ivan, let me know when you get the pictures sorted mate. It looked cracking in my rear view mirror when we were all heading to Burger King...Squirt says that is probably the first & last time a V6 will be behind him !!!
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Jaine will sort out the piccys tonight and yes it did look good especially when going BUGGER king though John and myself got caught behind a flap cap wearing volvo driver doing about 40mph in a 50 zone but we made good time up.

Anders and I had a Traffic light Grand Prix session on the way home and we completely wasted everything in sight. Viva 2 litre power

BTW my Ursula didnt take kindly to been called Micra, she said she resents the fact and will be having a word next time with squirt so he can tell ya off , Her words not mine !!