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Renault Parts

How long does it take on average Renault to get a certain part it?

I got my cup about 3 weeks ago it was missing the Cup 172 badges and the front splitter.

They have the badges in but no splitter, its been nearly 2 weeks the parts guy says its on back order.

Have you guys bought one of these splitters? If so how long will did it take to arrive?

  Renault Laguna Coupe

They usually guarantee to get anything within 3 days. I think the Cup bits are in short supply though - the parts computer doesnt even show a lot of them as existing at all.
  BMW 320d Sport

Must be just cup parts cos my local parts desk get me anything within a day or two and the longest I ever waited was 5 days to have a brand new Williams gearbox made in France and shipped over.