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renaultsport brochure

dont take the p!ss paddy, I havent heard anything about, let alone seen one of these things EVER. So Id like to know whats likely to be in it etc.


Its meant to be a brochure of warranty approved performance and interior modifications for the 172Cup. Not sure if they cover the normal 172 aswell?

Its not out yet though....and no one knows anything about it so we are all in the same boat!

Hope that helps.

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There are lots of RenaultSport brochures at the dealer in Telford. They are full of blue and yellow articles of clothing apparently designed by a colour-blind drug-addict. Im sure the Renaultsport cufflinks wont affect your warranty, but the golf umbrella looks a bit dodgy to me - Id stick with the Demon Tweeks brolly if I were you.

Nah-this is the brochure for the cup tuning pack from R_Sport hes on about - hasnt come out yet - I suspect there waiting till theyve sold all the first batch - only just under 200 left in UK out of the 500 they made according to Renault here in Northern Ireland.
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Which is what I was getting at, dont know what the attitude is all about? :mad:

Have to just walk on by next time................Nuggatt.


sh*t this has gone orribly wrong, was only messin!

no attitude here folks, we all like some little fonzies :D


Well now we have established that we are all in the same boat and that nobody is holding anything back ;) I have something to add, reading the Renault magazine I noticed an article on the Cup and its true racebred brother. Well, the racebred beast has 180Bhp, which seems to be accounted for by a rather nice looking racing exaust. Im guessing this is the type of stuff that is going to be in the brochure, just wish theyd done it to the cup as standard and bumped the cost up by a couple of hundred nicker. Eagerly awaiting this brochure!

Cheers, and sorry for any confusion folks, (paddy esp. :oops:)