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Renaultsport Clio 200, 2009 reversing switch part no?

  Nissan 370Z
Hi all, hoping someone might have already had this problem, but the reversing swith mounted to the gearbox has gone, I looked on eurocarparts and they had 2 different ones, so I played it safe, and phoned my local Renault dealer who took my registration, and then told me they had the part in stock.

Well the one they gave me is different, 3 pin, green in colour and the plastic part is much larger than the one fitted,

From the lead mine looks like a 2 pin plug, it's black in colour as is the gearbox switch.

I took some numbers from the part and Renault didn't recognise them they might not be quite right as it's hard to read, H77 101968, and PA66 GF80.

Any help would be much appreciated, cheers Kev
  Nissan 370Z
Ok even though this is admiting I got this wrong, but as I thought this might help someone else, the part I'm talking about above is actually the coolant temperature switch, the reversing sensor switch is located further across on the gearbox and is slightly hidden from view, it almost points at you and is green in colour.

Going to have to eat some. Humble pie at the Renault dealers tomorrow.......

Cheers all,