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clio 200

  1. C

    Clio 200 cup hard to shift close to redline

    So I got this car used at about 100k kms a few months ago and shifting kind of sucks especially close to redline. It gets notchy and I have to apply a noticeable amount of force to get it in gear. It's doing it in all gears, also doing it when downshifting, and rev matching makes no difference...
  2. C

    Rs200 steering lock removal

    Hi. I have a 2010 200 which I'm in the process of turning into a track car with the long term plan of eventually building for either rally or rally cross. i've just removed the standard steering wheel for an omp one. when I try to start the car I get a message saying turn wheel+ start. I have...
  3. G

    clio 200 top mounts

    hi all, so i got myself a set of H&R lowering springs for my 2010 Clio Gordini and fell into the schoolboy trap of ordering the post June 2010 set, when i should have ordered the pre June 2010 set. the rear springs fit no problem its the front springs that are not compatible. so my question is...
  4. L

    Clio RS200 J80CUP

    Hi guys, new member here. I’m looking at potentially buying an RS200 and wondered if there were any common issues to look out for. And also if anyone recognised this car/plate?
  5. Cramps

    Keyless Entry Issue

    Hello, I've recently got my Clio 200 and noticed that the keyless entry on the drivers side isn't working properly (the passenger side works perfectly). I can open the door by pulling the door handle and moving it about a little (suggests dodgy connection somewhere as it is quite a loose fit)...
  6. Cramps

    New 200 owner and member - Essex

    Hello all, I have just purchased ClioSport membership and this beauty for what I considered a bargain and had originally intended to go for a Megane R26 but the price and colour of this Clio convinced me. I'm coming from a BMW 123d which will be up for sale within the next week or so but even on...
  7. M

    New member - Second hand Clio 200 where to pay attention

    Hello to the forum! I am new here so I am not sure if the post is in the correct place, so apologies if it's not. To the point now. I am looking to buy a second hand Clio 200, the cup version is the ideal for me, in the next couple of months and I would like for same advices, like what is the...
  8. boultonn

    197 at Royal Pavilion Aldershot

    Never seen any RenaultSports at work til today, anyone?
  9. L

    clio 200 lumpy/slower to start

    Hi there, just a question really to see if anyone else has had the issue with their clio 200, I wouldn't say struggling to start but not as smooth as before also when started seems to rev hunt, but once slightly warm literally 30 secs after starting its ok, this only seems to have happened since...
  10. J

    Jonno56 | Clio 200 | Ultra Red

    Having owned this for a few months now, I thought I'd finally post a proper progress thread. Wouldn't expect quick progress mind. Anyway; bought this car in January, good mileage and well specc'd: - FF Clio 200 with cup pack - 47k miles - Recaro seats - Speedline wheels - Cornering/projector...
  11. J

    Clio 200 Clutch Bleed | Warrington / North West

    Quick question, I've got the 'normal' gearbox issues when cold, which seems to be much less of an issue if I get pressure into the hydraulic system by pressing the brake pedal firmly whilst selecting 1st gear, on a cold morning. Aside from that, all's good. So, I'm going to get a brake/clutch...
  12. G8RSH

    It's been awhile..

    Haven't been on the site in yonks, need to start using it more. More of a man.. Took the 200 to the moors for a good run last weekend, just awaiting to get the Coils on Feb 31st!
  13. P

    Hi, Clio 200 Cup

    Hi guys, Just signed up to this as I've just bought a 2010 Clio 200 Cup (white). After 6 years of travelling about in a 1.2 clio, ford ka, saxo vtr. I finally have a car I've always wanted to get! So yeh, just thought I'd say hello. Ive tried to upload a pic, but as I'm new anything could of...
  14. smasher

    Renaultsport Clio 200, 2009 reversing switch part no?

    Hi all, hoping someone might have already had this problem, but the reversing swith mounted to the gearbox has gone, I looked on eurocarparts and they had 2 different ones, so I played it safe, and phoned my local Renault dealer who took my registration, and then told me they had the part in...