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Renewed my insurance

Called up and got my new insurance today.

Was previously with elephant with all Mods declared and it was costing about £800

Decided to save money this year, and took all mods off, best elephant could do this time was £661

Got a quote from admiral and it was only £539! Well chuffed with that.

Thats with 2years NCB at 21 on 1.2 dynamique.

thats what i dont understand, as they must use the same people for the insurances.

But last year elephant came out better than admiral.

I used to get my quotes this year, and some of them were stupid. They wanted nearly £1400 to insure me on a 1.2! I can get insurance for a 172 cup cheaper than that!

Elephant always come out cheaper for me..

But.. if youd have said to Elephant the other quote, they might have matched it. They matched my best renewel quote this year (well, beat it) after I told them to keep the business!

that quote of £661 was the best they could do, and i told them i had a quote from admiral for £539, and she couldnt get anywhere near it for the full 12 months. If i had of done the 10 month scheme then maybe she could of matched it, but why would i pay the same money for less cover?