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  Lionel Richie

Leave the car parked outside the front door (blobking everything) and refuse to move it until you see the manager!!!!! Then do what Tom said


  EV (s)

or find the manager key is car and say "ooh noo its not my problem"

Most Reno dealers are C**ts

mine tried to stop my warranty because i fitted a new radio

This happened to me, they will (should) repair it for you if they have the facilities or replace it. They did for me - just highlight the problem ASAP.



  Shiny red R32


The trouble is that the guys in the garage might think that the wheel scuff was already there.

If I had to take my car into the dealer for work, the first thing I would do, would be to ask someone who works there to walk round my car with me and check it for any dents, scratches or scuffed wheels.

You could say to them that you know someone who left their unblemished car at a garage for work, and on collecting the car, discovered that their wheel was scuffed (or whatever) but the garage refused to admit that one of their employees did it, therefore you arent taking any chances........

Em hind sight is agreat thing, I have phoned Reno and they are looking at it on Monday at 1 pm, however, as a back up plan I have found the price of a new alloy which is £111 incl vat!

Oh and its a myph that no parts are available!

Why are you having trouble getting one, I just rang up and requested one!

However, I have been told about the Cup parts myph, and that 172 owners are looking for Cup parts!


Was it RegVardys Renault in Sheffield? If so, Ive had dealings with them before when theyve bug*ered stuff up during servicing... They tried to tell me that the damage was there before they touched it - I insisted it wasnt and demanded to see the inspection notes theyd taken before starting work on my car... They said they didnt have any. We argued a bit, but as soon as they saw I wasnt backing down or changing my story, they apologised and replaced the damaged parts...

Next time I took my car in for work there, they sent me a snotty letter through the post containing a pre-service inspection theyd conducted on it that time! Asked me if Id found any more damage!!! Cheeky B*stards!


Abbs, I live in Sheff but go to Gordon Lanb Renault in Chesterfield, just down the A61, bit further but much better service, im not keen on Reg V, wouldnt like to leave my car there!

Reg Vardy Sheffield are a joke. It is a miracle if nothing gets damaged there. They have too many cars for sale, too many cars in for service and not enough space for anything else, they should either fix cars there or sell them, they cant do both cos there is no room. Ive seen them service monkeys bouncing vehicles up kerbs on Eccy road.


  Audi TT Stronic

Slightly OT but my mate bought a vaux cavalier from them, withing 12 HOURS !! of driving off the four court the timing belt snapped on the motorway.... erm new engine time i think.