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Replacing fog light

  350z, Subaru Legacy
Evening all,

A stone managed to smash, that's right smash straight through my O/S fog light the other day driving to work. Rather annoying.

I got hold of a replacement at the scrappies, but when I went to replace it the other day I got a bit stuck taking the lining out underneath it.

I think there were two screws attaching it to the bottom of the bumper, then another in the arch. After removing those it was still held fast somewhere else, I couldn't see whereabouts and it had started raining so I had to give up.

Where else do i need unscrew etc?

(Was much easier to get the fogs out on my last clio, what with it having no lining anywhere! Not through choice however...)
hey mate, you'd be suprised how often Clio fogs smash from little stones. Its like the glass is made of water as Ive replaced mine twice now. If i remember, i only had to remove Two screws for the fog light unit to come apart from the bumper. But this was a few months a go when i did this, sure someone will come along with the knowledge