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Resetting ECU when changing to higher RON fuel?

  Ph2 Clio 172

My car currently does a 75 mile a day commute, so has been fed cheap low RON fuel for 12 months. As of next week it will not be used for a commute and be more of a toy and get fed proper fuel, and I've heard that if I'm going to start feeding it higher RON fuel its worth resetting the ECU?

Is this true, and if so, how do I do it?


  Mazda 3 MPS Mk1
not sure if it will make much difference, but disconnect the battery for 15 mins ish
Yep it has a block mounted sensor for knock detection so will (eventually) adapt back up if it's run on decent fuel rather than 95 octane f(uel)ail.


ClioSport Club Member
  R35 GTR
They dont have any long term correction really, it's all on the fly so no need to "reset"
  Ph2 Clio 172
So the advice to "fill it with decent fuel and drive it like you stole it" is better advice? :)

Cheers. Didnt fancy disconnecting the battery as I'd have to find a radio code.