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Resistor pack

  260% JCW
Hi all

Just thought id let you all know that im attempting to repair the resistor pack that goes faulty with the Clio, causing the fan to remain at one speed regardless of setting.

If it works then il be able to do other peoples. Its a pain in the back side but i have all the equipment i need at work and the Transistor it self only cost's 4 pounds plus a handling charge, as apose to Renault charging stupid money.

Il let you know how i get on.
  '02 Monaco Blue 172
I had this a while back and had to replace the heater matrix I think, the bit under the scuttle panel with the heat sink! Cost about £100 from renault so sounds like a good fix!
  260% JCW
Just to update ive managed to repair the Resistor pack. The Transistor cost £4 and there was a £12 handling fee as it came from the U.S, so in total it cost £17 inc vat to fix and took about two hours. Well happy.
  260% JCW
When you strip it down theres a resistor that sits on top of the heat sink. Its a Mosfet Transistor (STP80f55-08 a rough guess) ive got the number written down at work.