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respray what colour

hi i have clio mk2 ph 1 and putting the new mk ph 2 front on only problem if will have loads of diffrent colour bits so thinking be easier just get the hole car sprayed so all blends in does any one no any were good in staffordshire/stoke on trent only looking for a flash over as will do the inside bits my self just want outside look all nice and new?. Also what colour do you guys think would be nice and if any one get any bits lieing around wings headlights etc give us a shout please anythink could be usefull off the front, also to get a 182 exhasut on could i cut a hole thought the spare wheel well to run the pipe thought, Heres a few pics and in some ya i no it a diffrent red thats primar as the front got taken away by a lorry

  Glacier White 197 Cup
Wont that cost quite a lot to put a new front on and get the whole car sprayed. I recon it would just be easier to buy a phase 2. I dont quite know which would work out more expensive.Suppose it depends if you like the phase 2. Only an idea tho mate.
  Hondata'd EP3 Type R
id have thought your looking at at least £3k for a front end conversion and a decent different colour respray.

Engine etc etc has gotta come out to spray the bay etc etc