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I ve got a some bubbles of rust by my rear wheel arches and im going to get the rust cut out filled and sprayed . Thing is im a bit bored of the colour of the clio (white) and i would like to change it . I quite like the blue tha astra coupe turbos come in. Can any one give me some idea of how much a full respray would cost and how much work it involves .

A full colour job would involve taking all the removable panels off, taking out the engine (usually) and starting from there. Choose a nice colour though please!
  320d M Sport

you can get it done cheaper but youll never be happy with it. "Ya gets what ya pay for" I think is the technical phrase? ;)


Also get new arches put it in, dont just cut out the rusty area and fill as the rust will just come back.

I am having a full re-spray done on mine hopefully next month, just had one of the arches replaced and the rubber strips on the doors and arches taken off and smoothed.

PM if you want any info on the sprayer, he did Jusss RT in the other Clios gallery section.


Sort of skins, I think!! Just got it back, dont know about others, but the existing arch seems to still be underneath, will find out if it was a cowboy job when it goes down for the respray!! Seems OK just it is all covered in grey primer at the moment, other people have said about the whole 1/4 panel being replaced and tappeted in.