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  The Jinx

Seeing as one of my cats p1ssed on the passenger seat last week, and it stil hums (after being dettolled, vanished and then febrezed 3 times(a full bottle:eek:)) I may take this opportunity to start investigating a new interior.

So. How much would a full re-trim in alcantara cost, roughly, excluding the two front seats (would get some aftermarket jobbos)?

Or how much would the material cost, and Id get me g/f to have a crack?


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  Lazy v8

to get a full retrim u looking at 500-2 grand depending on the quality of work, most places charge around 800 though, not sure where to get the material from but if u find out let me know :D

as for aftermarket seats some are more comfortable than others, i personally have cobra monacos and they are the MOST ass numbing seat in the world lol.

and dont let your cat in your car in the future.
  The Jinx

Thought about the 172 interior, but its a bit dull. Standard Renault seats arent the greatest either.

Might have a scoot for material. Keep the g/f happy doing that.

Wanted to take the seat fabric off, and got so far before getting stuck. Thought Id better not continue in case I got one of those "sproing, whats that and where did it come from" moments.

Thank god the weathers allowing me to drive round with the wndows flat out.
  honda accord 2.4 type s

Gotta disagree there. I put a 172 interior in my clio, and not only were they extremely supportive, but when you see the renaultsport embrodied in the fabric, theyre harldy dull!
  The Jinx

But theyre a sort of grey colour arent they. I dont do grey in cars. Much prefer black. Dont know why. I think its that grey looks cheaper to me.

where can you pick up a 172 interior?? sounds cool. could i get the fornt and back seats? what about the door skins??

Thanks rorrie

you can only get alcantara from one supplier in the UK and bewarned even if u are trade then it is expensive so retail is a bomb,

the company is BOYRIVEN