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Was given this iMac as it wasnt working for a friend and he was throwing it out, so i stripped it and replaced the ram and booom!

Retro Mac at its finest.

It's so s**t tho, the software it so old it won't let me download any new apps or anything lol. But got a kick out of getting it going.

Think i'll stick it on ebay and see what it goes for lol.

It is a bit grubby, i'm going to have a bash at cleaning it up. There is a few scratches on it TBH, the guy that owned it isnt good at keeping things good. You should see his car lol.

It looks so awesome tho, i loved it ever since i seen the ad for it years ago lol.

OMG!! I didnt know your man Lucus from eastenders was the guy from this ad!! LOL!
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  A red missile
I've still got a mint condition G4 cube at home, slow as dirt but for network monitoring it's just fine, got it form work for nowt.

Theres going to be a few (a lot actually) of G5 powermacs going spare at work soon as we're all swapping over to iMacs, will be grabbing a couple of those when they appear.