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richbrook tax disc holder

  renault clio 182 cup

Has anyong got one,if so are they any good and what colour do you think i should get as my car is racing blue.thanks
  RB 182

Got mine from MotorWorld and its great does the job fine, just worried ATM coz I cant find the allan (ap) key that comes with it and the tax is due soon :(
  Skoda Fabia vRS

they do screw off back ones now, get one of those instead

and i really cant understand why people have problems with them falling off, ive never had a problem, jus clean the glass properly, let it dry, stick it on, hold it for a bit, and leave it
  Ford Fiesta

i got a blue richbrook tax disc holder and a blue (exact colour match to artic blue) poppy coral air freshner.

Finsihes interior off nicely.
  "Navy" N17 TWO

when i fitted mine I claeaned the window - put the warm fans on - then jammed a cloth behind it for a few hours - just to give it the extra stick! ;)

Silver tax holder would best suit your car if its blue??