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RIP Research In Motion

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Hopefully this will reduce the amount of people telling me to 'add my pin' or 'BBM me'


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Will be interesting to see who replaces them (eventually) in the Biz market. No self respecting company wants to support retards with iPhones. At least they couldn't really brick BB's.


You can't brick an iPhone.

But I imagine they will licence all they're server tech and app framework.
The handsets have been suffering from terrible reliability as of late. Too stubborn to change when one phone changed the entire market, much like Nokia.
BlackBerry fucked it when they started selling to schoolkids.

My BlackBerrys from the early days were indestructable. The recent ones have been tosh.
RIM are weirdly still active in the east. I think they will cut back short term lose a lot of ground and then be bought out. Their B2B appeal could be a valuable asset to a llarger corporation


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They made a massive mistake trying to be "cool". Once everyone thought it was cool to have a BlackBerry and they made BBM into a messenger platform rather than the more basic SMS/e-mail service that it was it went down hill. Sales would have increased tenfold very quickly but RIM never moved with the times to battle the iPhone.

When the 1st Gen iPhone came out I stuck by my blackberry, did until the 3GS. They had all that time to bring out something that could rival that phone, or go back to what it did best. Businesses.


No love from the networks either EE were quick to blame it on the BB servers today.

I literally got all excited when reading this title!

I f**king hate my works Blackberry, f**king s**t device. Always crashing, hanging....and it's a brand new Bold 9790!

​Good riddance to them.
My missus is on her 5th within 6 month's orange just keep sending a new one out so she's now buying out her contract and got a Galaxy S4 sat right next to me for her

Had mine since release and never had a problem with it. I'm weird though and do it the wrong way round, I've got the 9900 as a personal phone an an iPhone as my work one lol.
We've just locked down our BES according to Cesg guidelines and now all they do is call, text & email.

There was even consideration of if you have email do you really need texting haha. We don't even let attachments out.

We've pretty much intentionally bricked them - I know some users used their blackberries as personal phones (which we didn't mind) bit they complaining that they will have to get a new phone.

We also had to warn some users you aren't using your Bb frequently enough it will get auto wiped and then we will take it away if you don't at least turn it on.

Fun fun fun!


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People still use Blackberrys?

Thought DK was a high roller.

Never mind.
work phone, I'm a 64gb iPhone 5 baller user for personal ;)

i like to have a work phone i can turn off so i don't have to be constantly available.
Interesting to see what the affect of certain Android devices being certified for US military use will have moving forward, will this start paving the way for other military/defence depts looking away from Blackberry.