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RMS/RIP/Peak Power

  Punto/Clio GTT

runnin from another thread. I know max power/peak power is the one you ignore. RMS is the one you look at, but ive looked on loads of audio shops online and all it says for my sub is that its 1200 Max, 350w rated input power.

is rated input power the same as rms? cheers
  Punto/Clio GTT

my amps a 2x160, im runnin it bridged so its 320, dont even get warm after a good couple of hours pumpin the tunes hmmm

i would turn it down a little as you risk frying it

you should have bought an amp which is overpowered, therefore running at less of its capacity, doing it your way will be frying the sub as it will be producing as poor quality signal

Quote: Originally posted by andy_leitch on 26 February 2005
RMS = Peak/?2

nope, never any set value

Quote: Originally posted by Bryan on 26 February 2005
Quote: Originally posted by andy_leitch on 26 February 2005RMS = Peak/?2

nope, never any set value

The neumonic RMS stands for Root Mean Squared. Its a calculated value. It is the average value of power. the RMS is a constant value which doesnt always exist but its the average of a system which fluctuates at a frequency of 50Hz.

yes, but how many times have you seen over exagerated max power figures??

boston acoustics are also good for under-rating, the 8.5lf i have is rated 50-750w, i had over 400rms going through this, and there were no problems at all, no clipping, nothing

yea hthe [physics side is correct, but in a world of exaggerations, you throw physics out of the window

true true. In the case of subs i suppose id just buy an amp that will run a given power and get a sub which is made by the same brand marked with the same power. That way its the same level of exaggeration.

well no, as the amp is underpowered, for it to run the sub effectively, it will need to be producing a full powered signal, this is not good for the amp nor the sub
  Punto/Clio GTT

doh lol, in the future imlookin at amping my components in the front.

say if i took that amp out and got a 4 channel, say it was a 4x200. could i bridge 2 channels to 400 to run the sub, and somehow turn it down so i use only half a channel for my components?

theyre only 45 rms but ive been told they can handle 100rms

i suppose you could do it that way, product numbers may help here, so i can actually see what youre talking about, theoretical numbers are one thing ;)

ideally you want to be runing the amp at 80% or less of its total capacity
  Punto/Clio GTT

aint lookin at an amp, was just givin an example of the 4x200. aint got a clue what ide need to run components and a sub, its an odd combination for an amp

use the sony amp for running the components,

and invest in a mono amp for the sub, look for around 400w RMS to be certain its gettnig enough power

the unit has 3 pre-outs, so you can connect 3 sets of RCA leads to the head unit

as i say, think about adding a 2nd amp, much easier to set up that way too

run the comps off the sony amp, get a mono amp for the sub like bryan said, or get the same amp i have running my sub, its about 110 quid, kenwood kac 7201, in bridged mode, it gives out 460w rms at 4 ohms. stick the sub on the sub out off the hu, stick the comps on the front pre outs, get a distribution block in the boot to split the power cable, upgrade to at least 4 gauge cable if you havent got that already. check out they got tonnes off cheap stuff