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Road Angel.....Hard Wiring

  Tesla MP3 2021

Hey ppl.

im going to hard wire my road angel 2 in today.ive got to hard wire due to snapping my sig lighter

just want to know the best place to get a 12v source only when the ignition is on.i just want to know where to start really before i start ripping my dash


  Tesla MP3 2021

well i supose but ive got a navman running nearly all the time and in my old car i had the road angel running all the time when the engine is ruuning.

Take it from the road angel across the front of the window screen down the panel by the passenger door and under the glove to the back of the lighter socket :) fits perfect.


  RS 182 - Black Gold

Yup as mentioned

run it down thepassanger side (wiring that is)

accross the floow area carpet to the fag lighter.

You will get a perfect 12v feed from there which comes on with ur ignition

You will need to buy a fuse holder to go inline on the positive side (use same fuse from RA2 fag lead)

then crimp wiring to fag lighter.

BE CAREFULL as the RA2 wires are VERY small and they must make proper contact with the connectors or you run the risk of it shorting/sparking somewhere.