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Ed!! Good to hear from you mate!!!

The valver is fine... its not skipped a beat since the day you sold it to me!! when i bought her i think it had 42k miles?! now it has 64k miles and still feels as tight as the day i bought it!

Since ownership Ed, i have had :-

1. broken clutch cable replaced

2. New set of Toyo T1s replaced

3. Set of G88 40 groove uprated Brakes fitted

4. decent stereo fitted

5. CAT1 TOAD AI606 fitted

So other then serivcing costs, the car has been "VERY" well behaved!! in having said that.. i look after her very well... dont rag her until the right temp, make sure oil is topped up and changed @ 6k with GTX fully synthetic & new filter, wash it every weekend etc.. Its part of the family now...

Car is mint, if you want to buy it back, i cant take less then 6k ;)

What are you driving now spiderman? still into the bikes?

Just to put my mind at rest Ed, the service book states its calbelt was changed @ 32k miles... was the belt changed for sure? as i dont mind changing it sooner. its going to be changed @ Hillpower @ 72k anyway.. ..

anyway.. just wanted to say thanks for looking after it so well from new.. its paid off as i tend to see this car all the way to its grave..

Let me know how your doing m8.... (see pics in the gallery to see how well it is, page 2 "AKA ROCKPORT") :D

LOL @ Glenn..

Since stealing Glenns star buy, he found another and is the same colour as mine! Glenn has since forgiven me, with the fact he has the best interior any clio owner could wish for!!!! :mad:

we are good mate now..

WOOHOO!! I had to have black!! Tis clearly the best colour!

As for my interior.... I LOVE THAT TOO!!! Cant argue with Jamies comments! ;) lol

James, the car looks f*cking ace, breaks my heart to see it again. Dont worry, the cambelt was lovingly changed at 32k, and I used to change the oil every 3000, so get your sh*t together ;)

Still into bikes, Ducati 748 sp at the mo, but have been doing some track days in Lancia Integrales (both brothers have Evo 1s, lucky boys). So was thinking of getting 16v for track days, but dont know if missus will allow it. Honda Accord on the road, yawn yawn. But cant have it all. Take care Reno boys, will log in from time to time to keep an eye on the best car I ever owned (apart from Fiat Uno Turbo, but dont ask about that).

Drive safe, its a jungle out there - your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman

Thanks Ed,

The cambelt change has lifted a weight from my mind... sensible move tho, ill change it again at 72k.

Integrale & track day talk sounds fun mate, wish i had the money to do enjoy expensive hobbys :( investing in a 16v again for the track days is the way forward, wouldnt worry to much what the missus says... ;)

Oil changed @ every 3k, good lad.. if it wasnt such a pig of a job id keep up the 3k intervals.

So tell me, what did the Fiat Uno Turbo, that the valver didnt? :(

Maybe you should come down to the RR day @ BBPT Ed, not this sunday, but next.... see the car in the flesh again :D

Ahhh, the Fiat Uno......I know they look sh*t now, but 10 years ago they were a great performance car, I just have fond memories of it. Smashed it bits in the end :)

Would love to come to a day out, if I cant make this one Ill keep my eye on this board for another. Maybe come down on the bike if its Southend one.

The track days arent too expensive, the Lancia owners club do some really good deals. Do you Clio owners ever have track days?