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Roll center kits, worth it ?


ClioSport Moderator
A decent proper one, 100 per cent worth it.

I had one of @NorthloopCup’s early kits and it made a noticeable difference on track and when paired with a gripper diff, ASTs and sticky rubber, it felt like a different handling car altogether. “Like it was on railz”


ClioSport Club Member
  2005 RB 182 Cup
I have a Pro-Am kit fitted to my Clio 182 and I love the difference it made to the turn in. I had it fitted at the same time I had my diff fitted so felt a real difference.

My only advice would to only buy brand new kits, to ensure all correct parts are used etc. I think if you search roll centre kits there is a good thread @frayz had input which showed the difference between various kits.


ClioSport Trader
  Badass Toyota
I have the Northloopcup kit and I wouldnt have a lowered Clio without one. Even with lowering springs my Trophy had significant bumpsteer issues until I fitted the kit