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Rough Idle - Live Data Video

  Clio 182
Hi Guys

My 182 is idling pretty rough.

I've fitted a lightweight flywheel and decat etc so i'm expecting it to be harsh in all honesty, but the other day I got an error in "Knock Circuit 1 fault". Recently when cold with my foot to the floor it bogs down, feels like a two-stroke engine when cold and loses all power, partial throttle is fine.

Plugged into live data on the RS Tuner and I get this on idle:


If you turn the volume right up you can just hear the rough idle in the background.

Few questions:

1)Knock correction is Zero and do the average Knock readings look OK? On initial throttle they seem to jump anywhere upto 60-100.

2)When blipping the throttle, the MAP readings quickly increase before dropping down to lower pressure (expected low pressure with throttle open?), I've tried 3 different used MAP sensors which made no difference, also re-wired the loom plug but nothing doing.

3) Does that ignition advance (aqua blue) look right?

4) The lambda sensor takes a few second to go back to its normal-fluctuating self after throttle, is this delay normal? The idle seems to be worse when the lambda returns to normal.

Any comments welcome.....