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Router problem

  Focus RS, 182 gone
Just brought a router because my usb modem kept crashing. Installed it really easily and everything seemed ok, but i left it on overnight and when i got up thismorning all i could get was page cannot be displayed on all web pages, but i was still connected because msn was working fine and i could chat to people on that :S ?

Anyway, i clicked TOOLS, INTERNET OPTIONS, CONNECTIONS, LAN SETTINGS, then i checked the box automatically detect my settings. Then it was ok, iv unchecked that box now and everythig seems to be working ok, has anyone else got this box checked or should it be checked??
  Focus RS, 182 gone
No it didnt, automatic configuration settings, basicall what it tells you to do on the page cannot be displayed screen TOOLS, INTERNET OPTIONS, CONNECTIONS, LAN SETTINGS
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My bad...

The way you worded it made it sound like you were looking at settings in your router not the web browser.