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RPM @ 100 mph in 5th

Not sure...

I used to get 60mph out of 3,000rpm in 5th on my 16/205/45 wheel/tyre combo, but now its more like 57mph on the original wheels with 15/195/50 tyres I put on recently.

I think it would be about 4,500rpm in 5th for about 95mph with mine - which is when I can safely leave it in 5th and overtake very rapidly without needing to drop a cog (max torque arrives late on a Valver - even a moded one!). Ive never gone for a real top speed run, but 6,500rpm gets me to an indicated 130mph, although the limiter would kick in well beyond 7,00rpm (if I ever got there in 5th!).
  CTR EK9 turbo

Thats interesting because i get an indicated 142 mph at 6500 rpm and thats pretty much flat out on the flat.

I find my cams really come on-line at around 5000 rpm. I guess that makes sense seeing as max torque is reached at 5400 rpm.

I "raced" a 172 Mk2 on the motorway between the Scottish Borders and somewhere near Preston about six months ago - for about 100 miles! We were both being very polite and sensible about it though - no dangerous stuff. Ironically, I was on my marathon drive for the big Southend summer meet.

We never got above 120 - which is when I expect a 172 would leave me (even with my surprise under the bonnet the for unsuspecting) - but it was for long enough for me to be able to see where the 172s "weak spots" are. I thought that my car was definitely a bit faster between 90 and 110 in 5th, but Id have to drop to 4th if we went below 70mph. I guess thats when my car hits 4500rpm (i.e. torque!), while the 172 hits its torque a bit later due to gearing.

All in all, I was very impressed with the 172 and guess that the car has slightly higher gearing than a 16v - which would explain standard top speeds of about 138 and 130 respectively. I dont know what you think, but I reckon 138 is a bloody fast top speed for a small car.
  2012 WRX Waggon

too right.....138mph in a Clio.....err no thanks lol, though no doubt Ill have a go.

i bought the car for its acceleration, as i believe its the journey not the destination that brings joy, or something like that.