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rs tuner for ph1 172

  Rb 182
are they any good, easy to use like? are the maps already on the devive and you just plug in and write to ecu? and what are the bhp gains?? anyone know
  fiesta 1.25
They are good and easier to use than people make it sound.I have one for sale if you want its £90 posted but you will need to pay £43 for an unlock code too
There locked to one car, so that people cant them use them willy nilly. Maps are downloaded from the fast chip website.
  Bus w**ker
Whilst Henk's customer service is questionable and his attitude/language limitations annoying, his product does give reasonable improvements for a 1*2 with the usual basic mods and is around half the price of a live map. I've only read of Tom having problems with his, which is a shame as before hand it was nearly 100% glowing reviews for Henk and RS Tuner.

For the gains you are going to get in BHP IMO it doesn't really make a lot of financial sense going for a live map unless you're going for cams or more, plus you can always sell the RS Tuner on.

Each to their own. :)