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RS200 brake Discs & Pads help

  Clio RS 200
Hi All,

Am new and i am after some help from someone who isn't out to grab my money.

I have 3 year old RS200 which has only done 12,000 miles , purchased brand new back in Dec 2017 unfortunately my free service plan has ended.

I asked Renault how much they wanted for a "interim" service and when they quoted me for nearly £500 for an interim service,MOT and break fluid change i decided to try another garage.

A 3rd party garage have carried out the MOT and service, however have said to me that "rear brake discs and pads worn" and have quoted me £340 to replace along with offside rear break caliper if required costing additional £125

However baring in mind, my last service was carried out by Renault at 8,608 miles and as part of their health check state i had 90% break pads remaining on both rear nearside and rear offside, As you can see i don't use the car an awful but it does get used on a daily basis.

I don't know awful lot about cars, i'm just looking to find out if i am being ripped off so any input is appreciated.

Thank you,

Tubbs Vice

ClioSport Club Member
The TRW calipers on these are quite common to stick which wears the pads down immensely fast which sounds a lot like it could have happened here. Although 12k out of these calipers is quite fast for them to start sticking and they only usually bind when someone has nicked the rubber boot and dirt starts to ingress onto the piston. Given the mileage I doubt it's even had a set of rear pads for this to occur. £125 for a rear caliper seems very pricey too, especially considering these calipers are used on about 20 other models of Renault and genuine items can be had for about half of that

I would start by possibly taking it to a reputable Renault Specialist, it might even just need the fluid bleeding, which can free them up a lot. Whereabouts in the UK are you from?
  Clio RS 200

Thank you for your response, i really appreciate it.

I questioned my local Renault and quite frankly they didn't really seem to want to help or care, (I'm in Wiltshire) They want £66 just to take the wheels off and have a look at the breaks, i asked if i could book in a free break check as they offer this however i was told as they don't take off the wheels part of this its probably not going to be very helpful.

Yet i phoned an independent garage up for a free break check who pretty much said the opposite that they can have a good look at the brakes without needing to take the wheels off. I have booked it in for Saturday to for them to take a look but i am concerned if you are correct about the fault then surely this should be covered under warranty? But then again i'm told as its "wear and tear" it's not under warranty.
  Clio RS 200
For anybody wondering i took my car to another garage they advised me there is a slight binding and have quoted to clean and grease it, they have also told me that i have over 50% remaining pads and discs and will probably get another 12000 miles out of them before they need to be replaced.

So it would appear that the garage where i had my service done are money grabbers...


ClioSport Club Member
  Titanium 182
The Brembo calipers on these are common for seizing pistons.

Get them to check that the pistons move in and out freely and that the seals aren't melted/torn.

I've rebuilt countless ones of these and they're easy enough to do if they need a refresh. Like £40 for both sides for a seal kit.