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rt problems!!!!!

the first one is ive got air bubble's comin back up into my water bottle? ive bin told it cud be an head gasket problem...............and the second one is if i put my foot down it pulls abit but holds back to f**k but then pulls like anything when it gets to 3500rpm til the end of the gear? and also drinks petrol! anyone got idea's on wot these cud be?????

  Atlantis Blue 1.2 Corsa B
the pullin problem, i get that too, normally when the engine is cold though. check and see if thats when the problem hapens. mine seems to be quite heavy on petrol too, i have K Reg 1.4 RT MK1 PH1.
i get about 125 miles from £15 :(
  172 cup'd extreme
sounds like its lost some compression either get the compression tested . or it could be a ignition prob ie: coil / lead / plugs
  EvoVIII, Gsxr, BMW M3
Mines quite pants on petrol too, usually get through a full tank in 5 days and I only do 40 miles a day at the most.