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Rubber strut mounts?

  Renault Sport 172
Hi, i did a search on the forum to find an answer but to no avail. Can anyone advise!
Are the 3rd and 4th items from the right in the pic below the same on all models of clio, mines a 172 and the price for these on ebay are silly(over £65), the lower models listed are less than half price! Its only the flat bearing and the rubber mount i need. The top mount that you remove from in the engine bay looks to be brand new. If any one can shed any light on this it would be much appreciated!

  clio 172 no2/ yzf r1
I think they just come as the whole kit .. I have the old mounts I took off but I they got me advisorys on a recent mot
  Renault Sport 172
Bit of advice m8 don't buy the eBay ones they are s**te use genuine Renault 1s

Cheers for the advice, can you get just the bits i need or is it the whole kit?

Sorry, if id read the next post i would have answered my own question. Sorry fella!
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