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Ruined my weekend!


ClioSport Club Member
We were away in manchester over the weekend, I had a phone call from my neighbour yesterday morning, some cnut has hit my car whilst parked up outside my house. No note left, just some blue paint. At least its just the door really, should be able to source one for about £50 but i'm fcuking fuming!


Oooft. Cnuts. I hate that, TBH. :dapprove: Hopefully you'll manage to get a door quite cheaply. Feel for you, Chris.


ClioSport Moderator
Looks awful, really feel for ya mate, looks a lot worse than a lot of damage you see on here from 'hit when stationary' pics but it will be a lot cheaper to fix as it's just one pannel etc.

Hope you get it sorted asap.
  Clio 182 + Recaros
Seems to be very common - quite a few people on the forum having the same problem. Its a shame that some people have no honesty and simply have no respect for someone else's property. I hope you can source a good repair.
  EP3 Civic Type R
There's some c*nts about these days. I don't know how anyone has the conscience to drive away from something like that

hope you sort it with minimal damage to the wallet mate


  V6, Jeep SRT, GTS
What kind of bellend would bump (Properly Bump) into a car and drive away!! i couldn't live with myself!
Hard luck mate, it's bad enough damaging your car then not having the balls to own up to it is worse. Hope that they've got significant damage as well, but probably just a bumper scrape.
  Clio 197 + Mrk 3 DCI
:mad: Some people really piss me off!!! L2DRIVE!

Sorry to see that dude. Hope you get it sorted soon with minimul trouble and expense.


ClioSport Club Member
blue funnily enough, and its right in the path of where his drive reverses. i don't think it was him though.