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Running 2 amps....question

  6/468 17poo

Right decided that i need to amp the door speakers (infinitys) im already running a 4 channel amp and ive got an old sony one kicking about which is two channel should work a treat....But do i need to run a new feed from battery and new remote?or can i just take it from the amp which is already in there?

cheers people, Ryan
  Polo + Micra

the remote can just be linked between the amps.

you will need a new feed if it is too small to power the amps
  6/468 17poo

so do i take a new feed straight from the battery?this would be easier as i have an old power cable which is the right guage for the old amp!so all in all im sweet?
  Polo + Micra

yeah you could either replace the cable with a better cable that can supply the current to both amps or install a extra cable for the new amp
  6/468 17poo

well the cable in there at the moment is a heavy guage one so probly could cope with both loads but it would be easier to run a new cable!but will this kill the battery by running two rather than one?its a brand new battery?
  Polo + Micra

nah ive got a very current hungry class d running my two subs and i aint had a problem

if you have got 4 gauge your good up to about 1000w RMS


  big fat japanese bus

Just use 4 awg cable to a distribution block then 2 4awg to the amps

mind and earth them both to the same point using 4awg

as for the remote it should be fine but it is a small wire so you might need a relay available from maplins

I am running 2 400WRMS amps and its fine
  Megane R26

Was running in me goof 2 amps running off 4g from the battery into a distro block spliting to 2 x 8g. Linked the remote between the amps. Never had a problem. Make sure the power/ground is the same guage.
  6/468 17poo

cool, cheers for the advice ive got the amps sorted now but come to another wall, how the hell do you amp the door speakers, i was going to run new speaker cable from the boot to the doors but cant get in there, so do i cut the wire at the head unit and do it that way???

cheers once again, Ryan
  Golf V6 4Motion

Its easiest to amp them at the back of the headunit. obviously its better to replace the standard speaker wire because it is crap and thin and so you wont get as good quality but its a ball ache for a little gain!

On the doors where you have got the connecting piece to the door frame you will notice that when you seperate it, it is basically like spade terminals inside (i think!). What we did was find the spare holes that arent being used (theres a big empty bit at the top I think) and drill through and run the speaker cable through there. It was quite difficult because they are just fiddly buggers and we were putting massive phoneix gold wiring through but worth it in the end.

Final bit of advice if you are going to put new wires to the speakers then solder them onto the terminals rather than using crimps because you get a much better conncetion.