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Running Cup in the red

Is this bad ie running car when the red petrol light is on and nearly running out of petrol at least once a week? Would anyone suggest that I get something to flush out bad deposits that may be in the engine from crap gathered up from the bottom of the tank?
  Subaru WRX

Wouldnt have thought it would need flushing yet, the car cant be very old. But I would suggest you keep fuel in the tank to prevent it ever happening !!

We covered this a little while ago on a different thread. You can have a seach for it in this forum.

Basically there are the two schools. One never lets it get les than a quater tank so it doesnt suck up the crap.

the one im part of never has more than a quater as the car is so much quicker. Lets face it our cars are new so theres not going to be much rubbish from the tank its self to harm the engin at this stage. Also by always having a full tank i would have though u are actually helping a nice thinck sludge form at the bottom of the tank which could harm the engine rather than making it eat tiny doeses all the time which wouldnt be so noticable.

Plus i am goign to start changing my fuel filter every 6000 miles to be on the safe side.

Less fuel, less weight, more accceleration, better handling (not that i could notice that cos im not a great driver) and most important obviously, since its lighter ur being more environmentally friendly.

Take ur pick of options

  Subaru WRX

I would like to keep next to no fuel in the tank for performance reasons but when you have a 100 mile round trip to work every day you cant exactly afford to be running on the low side !! :(
  Silver Fabia vRS

I usually keep it higher than 1/4 tank but occasionally run it to nearly empty...have only had the light on once in over a year. Usually run it dry when I have had to put 95 ron in and then fill it up with Optimax as a reward!

I only use my car for work or ferrying people around occasioanlly now so Angelica almost always gets to drink Optimax nowadays. Nice stuff, shame about the... lack of shell garages in Chelmsford.

The max i put in my car now is 10 litres (£7.99) i only ever take it out for little burns at the weekend so i may as well have fun rather than carry enough to get me to the moon.

Shame about the 100 mile trip mark :(, i couldnt do that every day, at least i can sleep on the train when theres congestion lol