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Running in...

Watch you dont fill em up to much, cos they spill. They work best with the additional saucer. Be carefull when you fill them with hot stuff cos the heat can tranfuse through the outer coating and make your hand hot.

  Clio II 1.4 Priveleg

Congratulation on buying your Clio Cup 172!

A lot of things have been written about how to "run in a new engine"

Some say run it in gently

Some say thrash it from day one!

Some say a genlty run in engine is always sliggish

Some say a thrashed engine goes like a whippet

The chioce is always yours!

When I buy a new car, I always make sure the engine is at normal running temperature, and then thrash it to within an inch of its life! Always end up with a fast responsive engine. This doesnt seem to have any long lasting effects, but then i change my car every 3 years!

Hope that helps and welcome messages from others who may have different ideas!


Man at the garage said "Take it easy for 100 miles".

Handbook says "Take it easy for 600 miles".

I got to 150 miles "easy", then the car spoke to me by whispering "Release me, set me free...". So as the car was begging for it, I obliged. It was so rewarding...

Some thoughts - accelerate in straight lines at first and keep both hands on the wheel. Youll find out why!
  Clio II 1.4 Priveleg

HA! You have experienced the mighty TORQUE STEER of the Clio 172 Cup!

Also, beware of the hard braking from +100 mph to rest, the back end has a mind of its own! Scared the S*** out of me 1st time from 100 to Zero after running out of road!

Enjoy, and be safe!

tbh the voices have got to me so try as I might not to give the little monster some stick, it does just keep saying "o go on u know u want to" and I’m very week :)

Discovered the torque steer about a mile from the dealer, been grinning ever since!!