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Samsung galaxy ace s5830 screen smashed

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Well today i managed to smash the screen on my phone.

Im halfway through a contract 24 month contract with 3 and was wondering whats the best option for me.

Do i phone 3 up tell them my misfortune ask for a upgrade and pay the fee, or do they send replacements??
Use the phone insurance i get on my bank account to get them to fix this phone (i havent actually registered it with them and would prefer a new phone)

if any one can help with more info that would be appreciated.

They wont send a replacement unless you pay, paying out of your contract would cost more than the phone is worth.

As may your excess with your bank

Its about £130 to buy max on PAYG
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Thanks for reply

how much would they normally charge for a replacement phone if i dont pay off the rest and upgrade.

I think to pay the contract off i'd end up 300 quid down i have 12 months left.
maybe buying one on PAYG would be better