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Samsung Le40B530 LCD TV

  FTO GPX 2.0 V6

Has anyone got one of the above tv's? We have had ours set up for a couple of days and I am not really impressed with it, the picture quality seems worse than the old LG 32" HD ready tv we had before this one, the problem with that one was it didn't have any HDMI inputs. We bought the Samsung in the currys sale in the last bank holiday, but have only just set it up after getting back from our honeymoon. We also have a bluray player and virgin HD.

I would honestly say the Samsung picture is a lot worse. A dvd on the samsung is not far off a good VHS quality and a bluray is no better than a DVD was on the LG. Whilst watching channels such as BBC3, Dave, MTV etc the picture is very blocky and speckely(sp) The xbox 360 picture is also worse. Does anyone have any suggestions regarding settings?

The Bluray and Virgin HD are connected with HDMI and the Xbox is component HD. I am really tempted to take the TV back to currys at the moment, but want to avoid the hassle!
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Hey, work as an electrical advisor in tesco the above tele and also the 42" version and 430 model are one of the most commonly complained about TVs not only for picture quality but also sound quality. Best advise is to stick to LG or pay a bit more for Sony. The LG 40lh2000 and 40lh3000 are far superior TVS. X
  FTO GPX 2.0 V6
Thanks for the link, I did find something on that site last night, I have updated the settings with the ones advised on the site and it is definately better, but the colours are just not that vibrant and the screen is now quite dark. I am ummming and arrrring about taking it back and paying a bit more, we were actually looking at the LG40LH4000, but got the Samsung as it was in the Currys sale. It does have decent reviews on reevoo, with all comments stating just how good the picture is, I think we must have a different tv!! Thanks for the advice Fee.Dee!! Nice to know I am not the only one who is disappointed.