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Saph cosworth!

my mate who is 20 just bought a rear wheel drive cosworth and today he took me for a spin in it. It was the fastest thing i have ever been in, in my life, he should me the rolling road graph he got from scc performance the other day and it should 306 bhp. i must admit i hated the dash on the cosworth look really tacky and 1970 but i was amazed with the power espcially from 5 thousands revs. hopefully he wont drive like a nutter all the time. me and him use to race a lot because he use to have a 2.016v nova but ill think i stay as far as i can from him from now
  Clio 16v, Uno Turbo, VRS

20 with a cossie???? man how the hell did he afford to insure that?????? let me know as i really want one!!!


If you ring round insurence companies you will be surpirised how much it will cost you. Eventually somebody out there will insure you for a half decent price!

You cant beat the kick of a Cossie when it comes on boost ;)

Yeah you can, my dads aston keeps acceleration hard at 150mph!

Cossies were hard to insure a while ago because they were getting nicked all the time, thats died down a lot recently. Im quite keen to get a test drive in the RS Focus, theres a bit of a fight between autocar and top gear magazine, Clarkson wrote in saying they dont know how to drive! (Autocar think the RS is the best hot hatch ever)

One problem with the Focus RS IMO...... its got too much power to be a FWD car! They should of made it RWD or 4WD. I suppose the 4WD will be the Focus Cosworth if/when it is ever made....

Obviousaly Ive never driven one, but I imagine it mush have a certain degree of tourqe steer??????
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BTW absolutely shamed a Saph Cos out on the open road when I took the BB demo Clio out for a spin. He simply couldnt live with the pace, looked like the handbrake was stuck on, the way we were pushing him along the road until he could pull back in! And by the amount of black turbo smoke he was chucking out he was definitely trying...

Quote: Originally posted by Nick Read on 13 January 2003

hehe to be a hot hatch it *has* to be fwd, thats the rules. In my book if its not fwd its not a hot hatch!
V6 clio? Escort Cosworth? Sunny GTiR? Hot hatches not??;)

16v Pie you get your mate to race my mates cossie, my mates has had extensive work and is poo of a shovel. It will be out of the garage soon. We could meet on the A41 going towards Mill Hill, there is no speed cameras that work down there.

Tim, the ford has no problem handling the power its the way the car has been set up with the quaife, its just uncompromised for the average UK road. If you floor a FWD youll always get a bit of torque steer.

i agree with nick about hot hatches have to be fwd. I wouldnt call a 5 door scooby a hot hatch or a granada cosworth, first shape sierra cosworth, clio v6. The escort cossie and pulsar are close, but imho i would still say they dont count. Whats the difference between a hatch and a coupe anyway?

getting back to old cossies, are they any good?

I think you seem to be mislead by what a hatchback actually is though guys. A scooby isnt a hatchback because it is a saloon.

I wouldnt call any Scooby a hatch, because there not, they dont have one. :D

Escort, GTiR, V6 Clio..... all hatch backs.

Fords FR300 (300bhp Focus) is fwd, and test say that it gets it power down almost perfectly, and handling is very good too. (Plus Im not a Ford fan either!!!). :(

i dont mean the scooby 4dr, i mean the 5dr. I suppose its closer to an estate than a hatch, but subaru never called it an estate, they called it a hatch. if it was new theyd probably call it something poncy like "sports brake" or "sport wagon"

Nah that Scooby is deffo an Estate. Id love a drive of the Focus RS or the FR300 when in appears, just to see how they lay down the power :)