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Saturday convoy to CSF 2016

  mk1 Octavia VRS
Last year we had a small group drive up on Saturday morning consisting of myself, @V6Dan and @Euan94. I'll try to avoid sat-nav malfunctions this time!

Dan/Euan are you guys going again this year? Anyone else driving up the A1 on Saturday morning let us know!
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Hello Howard Speaking

ClioSport Club Member
  Mx5 NC
I am going again this year yes! Not too sure if I am going on Friday evening or Saturday morning yet but if I go on the Saturday I'll be sure to trundle up in convoy.

It was good for Dan to show off the turning circle (or lack of) that a V6 has last year!
  Clio with a body kit
Thanks for the reminder. Iv still not bought tickets. I didn't realise it was so soon.

I'll check Iv got nothing planned for that weekend and then book a ticket and get back to you on this thread. I'd be more than happy to travel up again like last year tho.
  Clio with a body kit
I can't make it this year. I have plans for the Saturday afternoon starting around 4. Realistically I don't think it's worth me travelling all the way there to leave early.
  mk1 Octavia VRS
Shame you can't make it this year Dan. I'll probably bump into you at a PH Sunday service some time!
  mk1 Octavia VRS

Let me know if you guys want to convoy up on Saturday morning. :)

Anyone else driving up this route also welcome to tag along. Could meet at p'boro services at about half 8, or a bit earlier to get a maccy ds breakfast.
  Clio with a body kit
Be careful following his lines. Last year he hit the tyre wall so hard half of the tyres were never recovered!