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Saving a rough 172 cup track project

  Megane RS
Hello, i signed up to this forum the other month there, even though i didn’t currently have a clio. Have just kinda lurked around, reading but not posting. Well that changed today, have acquired a kinda rough 172 track car which needs a good bit of TLC - which i’m happy to give.

I’ve had a few hot renaults in the past, a Williams i bought for 500 and sold for a grand, a 225 megane, an RB 182 that done one track night, and a silver 172 which i started to build for track but gave up pretty early and sold on.


Current daily driver is a Megane RS280 Cup, decent enough motor and got it on a cheap lease


And today, i picked up the 172 cup, its kinda rough around the edges but thats all good, needing something to keep me busy during lockdown! Gonna give it a tidy up, change the wheel colour, new steering wheel, seat and harness and a fluid service. Looking to get all that done before the upcoming Knockhill track day i’m booked onto for the 6th July. Will keep the build thread updated as i go, but here it is as it stands when it arrived home





should be plenty to keep me busy anyway!

Cheers (y)


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 182 Track Car
What trackday is on the 6th at KH? I was booked in for a few in April/May which were cancelled😔


ClioSport Club Member
Love seeing more RS Clio’s saved.

The way the feet of the cage is just bolted to the floor though... looks like it’s missing the spreader plates unless it’s just a show cage?

although it looks like an SD cage
  Megane RS
6th track day is with TTD

yeah i did wonder that with the cage, not sure on make but it does look like SD i’ve had in the past. Going to look into that for sure.

ordered first few bits so far, a standard airbox setup and a MOMO mod 69 steering wheel.